2019 EGHA AGM – Tuesday, May 14th.



May 14, 2019

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Hockey Edmonton Offices (10618 – 124 Street)


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Adoption of Minutes
  3. EGHA Coach of the Year Award
  4. Executive Reports:
      • President
      • Vice President Hockey Operations
      • Vice President  Administration
      • Vice President Discipline
      • Past President
      • Treasurer (financial reports will be submitted here)
      • Registrar
      • Secretary


  • Bylaw Changes (aside from housekeeping changes to recognize title and changes) – The executive support an addition to our bylaw under Code of Ethics – Section 14.  The addition would be as follows:  (n) maintain the confidentiality of all Association meetings and allow communications to be issued to the membership through official channels by the appropriate board member. Unauthorized communications may be subject to sanctions of the member and revocation of membership.



  1. Election of Open Executive Positions
  • Vice President Hockey Operations  
      • Vice President Discipline
      • Treasurer
      • Registrar
      • Secretary
  1. Election of Category Directors
      • Initiation
      • Novice  
      • Atom
      • Peewee
      • Bantam
      • Midget
      • Junior
      • Director At Large
  • Other Business
  • Next Meeting:  Next AGM to be set for May, 2020


Nominees as of April 25th, 2019

EGHA Positions Status Term Frequency Candidates
President Vacant 2 Year Even years April MacKinnon (2nd Year)
Vice-President Administration Vacant 2 Year Even years Dave Seretny (2nd Year)
Vice-President Operations Vacant 2 Year Odd years Mike McCarthy
Vice-President Discipline 2 Year Odd years Richard Hart
Treasurer 2 Year Even years Vacant
Registrar 2 Year Odd years Jaclyn Bohnet
Secretary 1 Year Yearly Vacant
Directors (2 per category)
Initiation 1 Year Yearly Chad Bresnahan / Rob Lees
Novice 1 Year Yearly Sky Johnston / Aimee Skye
Atom Vacant 1 year Yearly Brad Benwood / Stephanie Murphy
Peewee 1 Year Yearly Joe Rydel / Teresa Berdusco
Bantam Vacant 1 year Yearly Vacant
Midget 1 year Yearly Livia Paradis / Vacant
Junior 1 Year Yearly Sam Gaeckle
Director at Large 1 Year Yearly Vacant