Congratulations to our May Trip of the Month winners!

Draw #11
1st ticket drawn, Grand Prize #11 Toronto with Hockey Hall of Fame $2000 Trip Value or $1600 cash payout–Glenn Sabo ticket #1503
2nd Place–$200 cash–Kim Loeffler ticket #1794
3rd Place–$100 cash– Hernan Iglesias ticket #1008

Draw #12
1st ticket drawn, Grand Prize #12 Disneyland $4000 trip value or $3200 cash payout–Travis Cavanagh ticket #665
2nd Place–$200–Kevin Duchnycz ticket #275
3rd Place–$100–Sebastien Prevost ticket #189

Thankyou for supporting Edmonton Girls Hockey Association!!

There are some new & exciting trips planned for next years raffle, ticket sales will open in October.