Another season is upon us and we are excited to start as we hope you and your children are also. Work to commence the 2020-21 season has started months ago, and now we getting ready for evaluations to start and the kids to get back on the ice. Please take the time to read this. This contains many answers to questions often asked by Parents/Players and provides some important information.

We want to share a bit of the evaluation process, and let you know we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. EGHA Directors will be available at arenas during evaluations and via email if you have a question. We will respond as quickly as possible to any questions or concerns, but please keep in mind this is a volunteer position and we have careers and responsibilities outside hockey.


Brief overview of the evaluation process

The evaluation process is a busy time – we have one main goal throughout it. Our goal is to have all players playing at a level that is suitable for them and provides the best chance for individual development and team success, a desire to play the game and most importantly have fun!

EGAH uses independent paid evaluators for each skate. The backgrounds of the evaluators is hockey… these are evaluators who do not have children participating in the EGHA, whose careers and back grounds are hockey i.e playing professionally or at high levels of amateur hockey, coaching at university and international levels, scouting, running hockey schools etc… they are hockey people and that’s what they do. We will rely on and listen to their expertise for the tiering of players and teams.

The first skate (Skill skate) for the players will be drills. Upon completion players will then be placed into groups according to their results. Ice times will then be emailed out, and players will take part in three scrimmages each, where evaluators will watch players and assess them based on their game play. Skill set is important, but along with skating passing and shooting the evaluators will take into account hockey sense, positional play, team play, effort etc…  Make sure you tell your kids to play hockey – and not chase the puck, play out of position or “hog” the puck – those actions will hurt them, not help them.

Goalies will participate in their own Skill Skate and evaluated by professional/s who also have careers, experience and specific knowledge of that position. Goalies will then be ranked and placed on a team according to their respective ranking from the skills skate and their performance in the scrimmages.

All scrimmages will be managed by EGHA volunteers. This is not pond hockey, there is no advantage to players playing out of position, taking extended shifts, selfish play etc… such attributes can impact a player negatively.

It is important to participate in the skill skate; it is a vital step in the initial placement of players. There is no make-up skill skate available due to limited ice times.  If you cannot make any of your skate times, please inform the Directors via email.