Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund

We would first like to thank you for your tremendous support of the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund, providing financial aid to families in need across the country so children can participate in our great game. We are very pleased by the positive response to this initiative and an extremely large number of applications have been received to date.


We are excited to confirm that the application period for the has been extended to January 15, 2021. LHAs are encouraged to continue to promote this opportunity to eligible families within your area!


Internally, we are doing our very best to review and respond to all applications and inquiries as quickly as possible. As applications are approved, our process includes providing reports to each LHA confirming the recipient(s) and amount of funding.


The original plan was to collect the appropriate direct deposit information from each LHA to initiate electronic transfers. But due to a variety of factors, including an internal review/risk assessment, we have determined that payment via electronic transfer will not be possible.


Therefore, payment for approved Assist Fund applications within each LHA will now be mailed by cheque. There will be two payment “cut-off” dates, with cheques for all funding approved up to and including these dates processed and mailed to LHAs. The “cut-off” dates are:


  • November 30, 2020 (all approved applications up to and including November 30)
  • January 15, 2021 (all approved applications from December 1 to January 15)


Hockey Canada will obtain a current mailing address for each LHA from its Member.


Note: Allow 2-4 weeks from the “cut-off” dates above for receipt of cheques.


Assist Fund – Summary of Revised Payment Process 


  • A list of approved applications and corresponding funding amounts will be included in weekly reports that are shared with LHAs by the Hockey Canada Foundation.
  • Important: LHAs should treat these reports as confirmation of future payment from Hockey Canada and consider it as registration fees received (if the family has not paid) or issue the appropriate refund (if the family has paid).
  • After each Assist Fund “cut-off” date (noted above), a complete report listing all approved applications will be sent to each LHA.
  • Once the final report has been circulated, cheques reflecting the total amount of funding up to and including the “cut-off” date for each LHA will be mailed. The amount of the cheque to each LHA will match the total amount of approved funding outlined in the report.


We understand this may cause some inconvenience, however as previously communicated, approved funds are guaranteed by Hockey Canada, and we trust LHAs will certainly allow children to play and/or generate refunds prior to receiving actual payment in good faith. We encourage you to communicate with families that have received approval to ensure they are informed accordingly.


If a season is cancelled or cut significantly short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the LHA refunding all or part of its paid registration fees, we ask that all payments received from the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund be held in trust for the approved applicants to be applied when hockey resumes (or the following season if it does not resume).


Despite our challenges this year, and the varying degree to which the game is being played across the country, it is always encouraging to see the members of the hockey community support each other, and see the commitment and dedication of our local hockey association volunteers.


Thank you again for helping us “give an assist” and get kids back to hockey this season.


Hockey Canada Foundation