Hockey Edmonton Game Sheet Uploading.


Below is a link to the Manager's Manual from the Hockey Edmonton Website. Page 16-20 will tell you what is needed. All penalties and goals must be listed for each team. Also the score needs to be entered.
A reminder that each team has 48 hours to have he game sheet entered probably or a head coach can be suspended. Below was a reminder sent by the governors at Hockey Edmonton.
"Game Sheets
A motion was passed February 2017 to suspend coaches who do not upload their games sheets in a timely manner.
The motion passed is below.
If there is no permit in place (travel/tournament ”in and out of province, reschedule game, exhibition game, out of town practice) and/or game sheets are not uploaded within time frame
(maximum 48 hours after completion of game), sanctions/suspensions will be levied.
a. First offence--- 2 games
b. Second offence--- 4 games
c. Third offence--- indefinite and removed from the hard card
There are no excuses when most teams have managers and  5-6 coaches that a couple of folks can be tasks with ensuring the games sheets are entered.
City Governors will strictly enforce this coming year."
All game sheets need to be submitted in a PDF format. Cam Scanner is free app that will easily scan and create a PDF. Very simple to use and very handy for scanning all types of materials, sign up sheets, etc, on your team.
Link to Hockey Edmonton information for Managers:
If you need assistance, please email me at