Name Position Contact
Cindy Yan Co-Director
Dennis Landriault Co-Director



The 2021 Evaluations schedule is listed below. Please see emails from U9 Category Directors for information on which Skills Skate your player will be attending. After the Skills skate, please check for information on your next skate. Not all sessions listed in the schedule below may be required.


Day Date Arena Start Time End Time Level
Sat 11-Sep-2021 GTA 8:00 9:00 U9 Skills 1
Sat 11-Sep-2021 GTA 9:15 10:15 U9 Skills 2
Sun 12-Sep-2021 BHA 8:00 9:00 U9 Blue Game 1
Sun 12-Sep-2021 BHA 9:15 10:15 U9 Green Game 1
Thu 16-Sep-2021 CFA 17:30 18:30 U9 Blue Game 2
Thu 16-Sep-2021 CFA 18:45 19:45 U9 Green Game 2