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Registration Fees

2019-2020 Registration Information

Registration is now open for the 2019-2020 registration season.

Category Year of Birth Age Total Registration Fee 

Registrations received on or prior to August 1

Total Registration Fee

Registrations received after August 1

Discovery 2015 5 $100 $100
Jr. Timbits 2014 6 $125 $125
Sr. Timbits 2013 7 $175 $175
Novice  2011-2012 8 $425 $525
Atom 2009-2010 9,10 $600 $700
Peewee 2007-2008 11,12 $700 $800
Bantam 2005-2006 13,14 $825 $925
Midget 2002-2004 15,16,17 $975 $1075


Payment Methods

EGHA will accept payment by credit card or etransfer only this season.

  • Credit card payments may be entered online at the time of online registration. If your player is transferring from another organization, the credit card payment will be processed at the time of registration, after the transfer has been completed.
  • Etransfers are to be sent to using the word registration as the password. PLEASE INCLUDE your player’s name and category (example, novice) in the notes field of your etransfer so it is clear where the payment is to be applied to. For online registrations, please select “other” if you are paying by etransfer.
  • Cheques will only be accepted from third party organizations or financial assistance organizations. No personal cheques will be accepted.
  • Directors will not accept cash for registration payments at any time.

Payment Installment Option

For novice, atom, peewee, bantam and midget players, EGHA offers a three payment installment option for your registration fees. Installments are not available for initiation registration fees.

  • The first payment must be made at the time of registration. Registrations will not be accepted without the minimum of the first installment being made.
  • The second payment will be due October 31
  • The third payment will be due November 30
  • Installments may be set up by credit card online at the time of registration.
  • If you require installments to be set up for etransfer, please select “offline payment” at the time of registration and submit your initial payment at the time of registration by etransfer. A receipt will be sent to you reflecting receipt of your payment. A reminder of future installments will not be sent by EGHA. You will be required to remember the installments due on October 31 and November 30.
  • If the second and third payments are not paid on time, your player WILL NOT be eligible to continue participating with her team until the payment is paid in full.
  • When selecting “offline payment” as the payment method, you must send an email to the Registrar at to advise of your payment method (etransfer or financial assistance funding)

Volunteer and Registration Credits

If you have a volunteer or registration credit with EGHA, please follow this process:

  • Start your registration online
  • Do NOT check out; leave the registration pending
  • Contact the Registrar at The Registrar will apply the credit
  • After the Registrar has applied the credit, you may then finish the checkout process.

Third Party Payments and Assistance Payments

EGHA understands that some families receive funding from third party organizations or financial assistance organizations. Families are still required to ensure payments are received by the applicable due dates noted above. If your funding does not cover the full installment, you are responsible to ensure the balance of the installment is paid in full.