Registration for the 2021-2022 season is now open.

Registration Fee Summary:

EGHA tries to operate on a balanced budget each year and the Executive projects a budget of anticipated expenses and known revenues such as sponsors. Player registration fees are calculated to cover such expenses as:

  • Hockey Edmonton, Hockey Alberta, and Hockey Canada fees, League fees
  • Player & Coach insurance
  • Team photos
  • Game ice
  • Referee fees for league play and playoffs
  • Practice Ice assigned by Hockey Edmonton
  • Jerseys, socks, first aid kits


Additional Fees:

All teams will create their own budget for the season, which will require additional cash calls that are not included in the EGHA Player Registration Fees. Team fees can include:

  • Tournament entrance fees
  • Extra practice ice purchased by the team
  • Extra game ice purchased by the team for exhibition games
  • Referee fees for exhibition games
  • Team social events (year end party, for example), or team bonding events
  • Dryland training
  • Team booking Clinics or Camps to participate in practices
  • Team apparel

Teams will set budgets at the beginning of the season, and all players' families are expected to contribute to the budget. Players who do not submit team fees, will not be eligible to participate in team activities that are paid through the use of team fees collected by the team.


Volunteer Commitments:

The EGHA volunteer commitment policy is currently being reviewed and will be shared with all families when it is available.


Residency Requirements:

Please visit the Hockey Edmonton website for boundary and residency requirements.


Respect in Sport Parent Program:

Respect in Sport Parent is mandatory for all players. In order to register your child for hockey, you must complete the Respect in Sport Parent online program.

  • NEW: It is now required to re-certify in Respect in Sport every four years. For families who certified prior to the 2015-2016 season, you will be required to re-certify for this upcoming season.
  • Parents will have been sent an email at the beginning of May as below:
    • The subject line will say something like this:    Notification that your Respect in Sport for Hockey Canada Parents Certification for Hockey Alberta Parent will Expire Soon (for Parents) or this  Notification that your Respect in Sport for Hockey Canada Activity Leaders Certification for Hockey Alberta will Expire Soon (for Coaches, Bench Staff and Activity Leaders).
  • If you have completed the program in the past, and are registering a child for hockey that has never participated in hockey before, you will be required to sign in to the Respect in Sport website and add your child. This cannot be done by the Registrar, and is the only way your child's Hockey Canada profile will be updated with the Respect in Sport Parent qualification.
  • If you have completed this program in the past for another sport, you will need to contact the Respect in Sport Program to have the qualification transferred to Hockey Canada.
  • Coaches and bench staff will also be required to re-certify every four years.
  • Please see the Bulletin from Hockey Edmonton regarding Respect in Sport


Financial Assistance:

Families seeking financial assistance may contact one of the organizations listed below. Families applying for financial assistance will still be required to ensure payments are received by the applicable due dates.

  • Sport Central (Equipment)
  • KidSport
  • JumpStart