EGHA Sponsorship

EGHA Sponsorship

EGHA welcomes personal or corporate sponsorship.  If you are interested in becoming an association or team sponsor, please contact  We look forward to partnering with our sponsors!  


Platinum - $3000 - 3-year Team Sponsorship.  Basically, this would be sponsoring a set of team jerseys.  This would entail the sponsor being attached to a team for 3 years with the sponsor's name, logo, etc. being affixed to both the home and away jerseys for the entire 3 years.  This would also include website advertising and the associated social media promotion of the sponsor, (with a hyperlink to your home page).  A 3-year Team Sponsorship would mean the money goes to the EGHA and not to the individual team.


Gold - $500 – There are two types of Gold Level sponsorship.  Association and Team.  

Association sponsorship money would go to the EGHA.  At this level we can sponsor a category.  The category would be renamed (e.g. "Sponsor Name Bantam".  All activities in the category would have the sponsor name associated with it.  Plus 12 months of website and social media focus, (with a hyperlink to your home page).  Maximum frequency. Plus, regular message on social media thanking the sponsor.

Team sponsorship money would go to the individual team that secured the sponsor.  The team name could be updated to include the sponsor name (e.g. EG777 Timbits Falcons). The team homepage would advertise the sponsor and there would be advertising and thanks issues via our social media channels.


Silver - $300 – There are two types of Silver Level sponsorship.  Association and Team. 

Association sponsorship at the Silver Level includes 1 year of Website and Social Media advertising, (with a hyperlink to your home page). Plus thank-you message on social media and sponsor pages.

Team sponsorship at the Silver Level means the team that secured the sponsor would receive the funds.  The sponsor would receive advertising on the Team Website plus some EGHA Social Media thanks.


Bronze - $150 - Primarily Advertising Only.  This would be things such as hockey camp advertising or businesses that are looking for promotion through our association.  This includes 1 year posted on our website, your logo (with a hyperlink to your home page) and limited promotion on our social media channels.  


For any other sponsorship ideas or questions please contact the VP Administration (