Welcome back!

“2020 brought a season end, like no other before.  Covid-19 has changed so much of what we do. Playing hockey will be different this season. Coaching hockey will be different. Watching hockey will be different, but at least we are back to hockey.

While it will be different, we’re all still looking forward to hockey in 2020-21. As parents and volunteers, we can still look forward to watching our youngest players pulling on their equipment more comfortably each time out. As coaches, we can still look forward to making the most of every single interaction with our players, just as we always have as teachers of the game.

Players can still look forward to playing this great game. Rinks are still wonderful places to be. A goal scored is the same thrill. Those goals are coming. Tape-to-tape passes are coming. Great saves are coming. That toe-drag you’ve only imagined is coming. A perfectly pure one-timer is coming. Winning games with your friends and teammates is coming. Hard work paying off is coming. A lifetime of memories for families is coming.”